Prostate adenoma is a benign growth of prostate tissue. This is a very common condition, especially in men over the age of 40. The problem is accompanied by impaired urination, which can also lead to urinary incontinence. It requires mandatory supervision by a specialist and individually selected treatment. So that the violation of urination control does not limit the person’s usual schedule and remain secret during the entire period of treatment, special absorbent products can be used.

How to reduce symptoms of incontinence

To reduce the symptoms of incontinence, it is necessary to take seriously the treatment of the adenoma that caused it. Treatment of adenoma should be comprehensive and include not only taking prescribed medications, but also correcting lifestyle and habits.

Here are the main measures that can help reduce the symptoms of incontinence:

• The earliest possible appeal to a specialist. It is important to go for an examination with a urologist as soon as you have discovered signs of a possible prostate adenoma. The earlier the examination is carried out and treatment is started, the more chances are to successfully get rid of such complications of adenoma as urinary incontinence. In most cases, when treating prostate adenoma, it is possible to do without surgical intervention – drug treatment and other methods give the expected result and allow you to take the disease under control. In cases where conservative treatment was not effective enough, surgery may be necessary.

• Compliance with sleep and rest, prevention of the effects of stress, rejection of bad habits. It is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours a day, go to bed no later than 23 hours. For relaxation, you can use herbal medicine and take herbal infusions with a calming effect (valerian, motherwort). But first you need to consult with your doctor if you have any contraindications to herbal medicine. Do not smoke or drink alcohol in the evening. This is irritating to the bladder. It is advisable to quit smoking altogether and limit alcohol consumption.

• Schedule of visits to the toilet room. Going to the toilet on a specific schedule (for example, immediately after drinking, or every two hours during the day and then increasing the interval) can help improve urinary control. You should definitely visit the toilet before bed, even if you don’t feel the need to.

• Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. A set of Kegel exercises increases the tone of the pelvic muscles, which improves the ability to control the process of urination.
Features of personal hygiene with prostate adenoma
In order not to be in constant tense expectation, when the problem of incontinence again makes itself felt, you can use special absorbent products. They will protect your skin from the irritating effects of body fluids and help you continue to live an active life without the fear that your problem will suddenly become visible to others. For mild to moderate incontinence, disposable urological pads can be used, and for more severe incontinence, pant diapers or adult diapers are suitable. The latter option is more often used for people with limited mobility who have to spend most of their time in bed. And urological pads and pant diapers are the best option for active people who continue to work, play sports and live a normal life.

Good quality absorbents must meet the following criteria:

• high absorbency;
• an absorbent layer that prevents the spread of unpleasant odors;
• barriers and other design features to prevent leaks;
• breathable materials that allow the skin to “breathe”, preventing irritation;
• good results when passing dermatological control;
• tight fit to the body and anatomical shape;
• lack of obstacles to free movement and invisibility under clothing.

The iD LIGHT urological pads are a convenient solution for mild to moderate urinary incontinence in the presence of prostate adenoma . For more voluminous urine leaks, the iD PANTS are suitable . Both types of products are not visible under clothes, quickly absorb liquid and block odor, do not restrict movement, allowing you to lead an active lifestyle. They are made from soft materials that do not make movement noise, do not irritate the skin, and have successfully passed dermatological control. And although all products need regular replacement, the service life of pant diapers is very long – up to 8 hours if the product is correctly sized.

Special hygiene products allow you not to limit yourself on walks, trips and social activity and be sure that your secret is reliably hidden from others.
Nutritional Recommendations for BPH and Incontinence
With adenoma and problems with urinary control, there are no severe dietary restrictions. But limiting or eliminating certain foods, or replacing them with others, can reduce incontinence.

• Limit spicy, smoked, salty and pickled foods, as well as too fatty foods and sweets.
• Choose lean meats for your protein source.
• Replace caffeinated drinks (not just coffee, but also tea and energy drinks) for fruit and herbal teas. You can not give up traditional coffee and tea completely, but postpone their use until the first half of the day.
• Enrich your daily diet with plant fiber – fruits, vegetables, cereals and bran.
• You can add seafood to your diet as a source of protein, selenium and zinc.

The listed tips coincide with the general principles of a healthy diet and are suitable both for those who treat adenoma conservatively and for people with an operated prostate gland. More detailed dietary recommendations, if you need them, will be announced by your doctor