Bladder leakage can affect anyone, at any age, and have a big impact on everyday life. It could be the loss of a few drops during pregnancy, incontinence following surgery, or a problem related to aging. You may then find that your daily activities are limited. Indeed, even simple activities such as walking, shopping, exercising or going out with friends can become difficult to manage, and even cause a feeling of embarrassment or frustration.

The iD range has been developed with special attention to the physical and emotional implications of all levels of incontinence. Its products have been designed to help you maintain self-confidence and carry on with your usual activities feeling protected and secure.

iD offers a wide assortment of disposable protectors for all types and levels of incontinence and provide users and caregivers with a range of effective solutions for the management of continence. Available in a wide variety of absorptions and sizes, the products provide both comfort and discretion.

iD’s mission is to continue to provide users with continence management solutions that are as reliable, discreet and effective as possible, and to enable them to enjoy their lives to the fullest

The iD range is produced by Ontex , one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and distributors of single-use hygiene products. The iD range was born from the company’s long experience in this sector, combined with consumer studies and advanced laboratory tests. Sustainable production technologies and rigorous testing ensure products are manufactured to the highest standards. Worldwide, more than 2.5 million people already use our products and trust our know-how to limit the impact of incontinence on their daily lives.

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Ontex is a leading international personal hygiene group. We engineer and make high quality products for Baby Care, Feminine Care and Adult Care and are the partner of choice for consumers, retailers, and institutional and private healthcare providers around the world.
We employ ~10,000 people on five continents and our products are available in more than 110 countries. Around half are sold as Ontex brands and the remainder as retailer brands.

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40 years of Experience

Established in 1979, Ontex is present in over 110 countries offering hygiene product solutuions for women, men & babies.

Sustainable Development

Since its foundation, Ontex has made sustainability one of its key concerns and each year we set out and meet new challenges in the field.

Focussed on market needs

We listen to consumers to understand their particular needs, and we use this as our inspiration for creating specific products to meet each expectation

Ongoing Innovations

With a clear focus on innovation, our research laboratories are at the forefront of research and we regularly secure patents for new technologies that enable our products to provide the perfect combination of performance and discretion.

The best performance

Advanced absorbing technologies are the basis of every protection solution

Absolute Discretion

Shapes that adapt to the body and super thin materials are a must in our products

Wearing Comfort

Maximum kindness for skin thanks to breathable and cotton-like materials.

Dermatologically tested

All our products are dermatologically tested and latex-free for maximum comfort

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