iD for Men

iD for men level 2 is a pad specifically designed to fit the male anatomy. The Power Dry Technology gives a maximum absorption to help you feel confident and dry all the time. The product also features an odour control system providing maximum comfort and discretion. ​ ​ ​​​​

Level: 2
Absorbency: absorbency icon

Odor control

Locks away odor for maximum freshness

Cotton Feel

Soft backsheet for complete comfort

Perfect Fit & Comfort

Engineerd for freedom of movement

Super Discreet

Thin & light

Ultra Protection

Fast & Maxi Absorption

Unfold the ID for Men pad and remove the paper from the adhesive strip

Ensuring the wider part of the product is at the front, place the pad inside the underwear making sure the adhesive strip is securely fastened to the underwear

Finally, pull up the underwear and adjust for comfort and security. It is not recommended that iD for Men pads are worn in loose fitting underwear, for example boxer shorts. Good, close fitting, supportive underwear is required to ensure full product efficiency