The top layer of our pads (which is next to your skin) is a non-woven layer which allows the urine to pass through quickly whilst remaining dry to the touch. Integral to this layer is the anti-leak cuffs which, when activated correctly, prevent urine leaking from the pad.

Under this top layer is the absorbent core. This is made from a mixture of both natural and man-made fibres. These fibres absorb the urine and transfer it to the retention core which is where the urine is held.

A ‘Super Absorbent Powder’ is present in this area which transforms into a gel when it mixes with the urine.
This ensures the urine stays in the absorbent core and does not rise back through the pad to the surface layer.

Our pads also feature the ‘Odour Dry System’ which prevents ammonia being formed. This results in pads being kinder to your skin as the level of acidity within the pad is kept to a minimum.

The backing of iD pads is either ‘Polyethylene’ or ‘CottonFeel’ dependent upon which type has been prescribed by your Healthcare Professional. Both are a gentle material which should not cause any skin reaction and both are latex free. Both materials are designed to be soft yet strong and will not allow urine to leak through.

On our more absorbent products, this backing layer possesses a wetness indicator which you can identify by looking for two colored lines (one yellow and the other either blue or yellow). As you pass urine into the pad the yellow line will gradually turn blue and the blue line will smudge and fade. Once the majority of lines have changed it is time for you to change and dispose of your pad.