ID Pants Plus

Product Information
Cotton Feel
A soft textile backsheet provides maximum comfort and discretion.
Anti-Leakage Protection
Integrated anti-leak cuffs made of waterproof material help to prevent side leakage and maintain security and discretion.
Perfect Fit & Comfort
The shape of the product ensures a perfect adaptation to the body for maximum comfort and discretion.
Dermatologically Tested
iD products are dermatologically tested and proven not to cause skin irritations.
Odour Control
An odour control system present in the product prevents the formation of ammonia and unpleasant odours.
No Latex
Our products are latex free.
Fast Absorption
The top layer of the product promotes the fast passage of urine through to a multi-layer absorbent core containing SAP (Super Absorbent Polymers).

iD Pants are pull up pants that are designed as a replacement for regular underwear, maintaining independence.

• Anti-leak cuffs prevent side leakage, keeping clothes, furniture and bedding dry

• Fast absorption keeps the individual dry and comfortable

• CottonFeel touch enables a discreet shape and a perfect  fit

• An odour control system prevents unpleasant odours, keeping the individual confident

• Disposal tape for convenient disposal

• Available in 5 sizes and 3 absorbencies

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